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History of the Morgan Horse

Ideal Morgan Stallion and Mare drawn by Jeannie Mellin

Justin Morgan, a teacher in Randolph, Vermont, acquired a bay colt in 1789. He named the colt Figure but as was the practice during that day, Figure was also know by his owners name, Justin Morgan. This colt was the founding sire of the Morgan breed.

The Morgan horse is known as "the horse that chooses you" because they love people. The Morgan is easily recognized but his proud carriage, upright graceful neck, and athleticism. These horses can do a range of disciplines from going out on the trails to competing in horse shows.  Reliable, loyal, tireless, and versatile, a Morgan becomes one with people of all ages and walks of life, and shares the mutual enjoyment in every equine pastime.

For more information about the Morgan horse visit the American Morgan Horse Association's website linked below.

Statue of Figure at the University of Vermont

Now available on popular streaming platforms, the film Justin Morgan Had a Horse

Based on the book published by Marguerite Henry, the story follows the life of Justin Morgan and his bay colt, Figure. Experience how Figure overcame stereotypes and eventually created the breed we know today.

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